Pallava International Sculpture Symposium

Press Release – Immediate Release

10 March 2013

Another Successful Pallava International Sculpture Symposium

This year The Art Studio, Mallamapuram, Tamil Nadu, hosted The Pallava International Sculpture Symposium 2013 during January and February. This biennial event held in a town steeped in the history of stone carving from the Pallava dynasty to the present day, bought together sculptors from India, Switzerland, England and Scotland, to experience an opportunity to work in local granite.

Each produced, over a period of two months, a large scale contemporary stone carving and this year sculptors were specifically asked to work to a very demanding programme to produce monumental works measuring over two metres high.

Now the work is completed and the artists have returned to their homelands, leaving the pieces on exhibition in Mallamapuram, available for purchase for between INR 2.15 LAC to 7.0 LAC. These individual works, as in the past, are expected to adorn corporate offices and public spaces for the pleasure of the community. The proceeds of each sale are divided by the Symposium, a not-for-profit organisation, between the costs of running the next symposium in 2015 and making a significant contribution to selected charities working in India, dealing with issues associated with those marginalised and disadvantaged.

The resounding success of the first symposium in 2011 saw the development of a working partnership with The Help Foundation, currently supporting orphaned and destitute children across India. It was also supported by Larsen &Toubro Construction, India’s largest construction organisation with over 60 years of experience and expertise in their field along with Cognizant Ltd., a leading provider of information technology in India and worldwide, among others. All purchased works and enabled the project to establish itself and prove its value as an additional event to the cultural calendar in Tamil Nadu and India, introducing new international sculptors to India where they exchanged skills, ideas and concepts leading to spectacular works in granite.

Individual sculptors are selected for their experience and expertise, each with a quality portfolio of work in the public and private sectors across the world. For 2015, it is anticipated that there will be more participating artists, creating new dynamic contemporary pieces that impact and impress.

Further information and details of the achievements of the Symposium 2013 are available on the internet at or contact The Art Studio, Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu,

India, Tel:(0091) 9840270083 or UK Tel: (0044) 07532266146

Pablo’s stone

A long running project comes to an end, the Scottish Caledonian granite was difficult to cut, but i think the final result is beautiful. The lettering was painted with antique silver enamel.

Pablo's Stone

A unique carving for a very sad story, we hope it serves as a beautiful memorial for Pablo’s loved ones for years to come.